U-pull-it yard

Before leaving home, make sure you dress appropriately and bring all the tools necessary to pull the part(s) off the vehicle(s) in the U-PULL-IT Yard. We DO NOT lend out any tools or take off any parts.

  • You are allowed to bring jacks, jack stands, sawzalls, booster packs, portable air compressors, generators, wheelbarrows/carts and any other tool(s) that you will need. If you are not sure about a tool, please contact us by phone or email or ask a staff member once you arrive at the U-PULL-IT Yard.

  • For safety reasons there are certain tools which are not allowed in the U-PULL-IT Yard. The following tools are NOT ALLOWED: Torches, Grinders, Chop Saws/Quick Cuts or any other tools that create sparks or flames.

Once you arrive at our U-PULL-IT Yard, you will be asked to fill out a safety waiver. You will NOT be allowed to enter the U-PULL-IT Yard until you have filled out and submitted the waiver to a staff member.

  • As per our insurance policy, you must be 16+ years of age to enter the U-PULL-IT Yard.

  • Before you enter the U-PULL-IT Yard, a staff member will inspect any and all tools that you wish to bring into the U-PULL-IT Yard. Refusal will result in you NOT being allowed to enter the U-PULL-IT Yard.

Before entering the U-PULL-IT Yard, please ask any questions that you may have to one of our staff members.

  • We can provide you information on multiple topics such as yard rules, part pricing, exchange warranty/return policy guidelines and any other questions you may have. For more information, please visit "Frequently Asked Questions".

  • We can also provide you with a U-PULL-IT Yard map and/or give you general directions as to where you can find the type of vehicle you are looking for. To see a copy of the U-PULL-IT Yard map, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • Please DO NOT ask us about part availability. We DO NOT keep track of what parts were or still are on the vehicles in the U-PULL-IT Yard. For part confirmation, you need to go into the U-PULL-IT Yard.

  • Please note that the U-PULL-IT Yard is a walking yard ONLY. You are NOT allowed to drive your vehicle or bring in anything motorized as per our insurance policy.

The U-PULL-IT Yard is organized into four sections: Imports (all non-domestically branded vehicles), General Motors (GM), Chrysler and Ford.

  • All of the vehicles in our U-PULL-IT Yard have been properly drained of all fluids and contaminants as per our End-of-Life (ELV) regulations. With the exception of tires and batteries, all other parts are left on the vehicle and placed in their respective section.

  • Please note that all the vehicles in the U-PULL-IT Yard are NOT on stands and are sitting on the ground. The ONLY way to lift up a vehicle is to bring in a jack. We DO NOT lift up vehicles for customers under any circumstances.

  • All tires and batteries are removed from the vehicles before they enter the U-PULL-IT Yard. Tires are stored on racks in the yard and organized into 3 different sections (Match Sets of 4, Pairs and Singles). Batteries are stored in the office and have all been charged and tested.

  • Recycled windshield washer fluid and antifreeze are stored in large containers in the yard for customers to come and fill their own jugs.

  • We also have wheelbarrows/carts and an engine hoist for customers to use in the U-PULL-IT Yard. Please note that these items CANNOT be booked in advance and are considered first come-first serve.

  • The U-PULL-IT Yard is the ONLY area available for customers to pull parts. Please DO NOT enter any fenced or segregated area(s) as they are OFF LIMITS.

While in the U-PULL-IT Yard, please make sure that you are always working in a safe and respectful manner. We ask that you do your best to keep your work area, and the U-PULL-IT Yard in general, as clean as possible that way we can ensure an enjoyable experience for all customers who come to our yard.

  • Please try to ONLY pull off parts that you wish to purchase. This will help prevent any unnecessary damage to the vehicles and any other parts that future customers may be interested in pulling off. Remember what you break today, you may need tomorrow.

  • Please take care of any tools that you bring into the U-PULL-IT Yard. We are NOT responsible for any lost or broken tools.

  • If you witness any vandalism, unsafe circumstances or dangerous behaviour from other customers, we ask that you please report it to the main office so we can address the situation immediately.

Once you have finished pulling your part(s), please clean up your work area and proceed back to the main office with all the parts you have removed from the vehicle(s).

  • Pricing for the parts found in our U-PULL-IT Yard is PRE-SET regardless of condition, size, or which vehicle it came off of. We DO NOT negotiate on part prices. To see the full part price list, please visit "Price List".

  • Please keep in mind, any parts that you remove from the vehicle(s) that you choose NOT to purchase MUST be brought back to the vehicle(s) that they came off of.

When purchasing the parts you pulled from the U-PULL-IT Yard, you will receive an itemized receipt with a FREE 30 Day Exchange Warranty. Our exchange warranty applies to all parts that are returned to the yard with their original receipt AND the corresponding markings on the part itself, unless stated otherwise. At the point when the part is returned, you will be offered the option to find a replacement part of the same type or value OR receive a credit note for the value of that part(s), which is usable at any time at our U-PULL-IT Yard.

  • If a part is returned without the original receipt and/or the corresponding markings on the part, the 30 day exchange warranty will NOT apply.

  • Any part brought back after the 30th day will NOT be eligible for the exchange warranty or in-store credit note.

  • The 30 day exchange warranty applies to all parts pulled from the U-PULL-IT Yard, with the exception of any parts that are labelled as FINAL SALE. To see which parts are labelled as FINAL SALE, please visit the "Price List".

  • All core charges, if not brought in on the day of purchase, MUST be returned within 30 days with the original receipt in order to be refunded. To see which parts have core charges, please visit the "Price List".

U-Pull-It Map - Black & White.jpg

U-PULL-IT Yard Map Legend

IMPORTS - Acura, Audi, BMW, Datsun, Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Lexus, Lotus, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Saab, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo

GM (General Motors) - Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, General Motors, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn

CHRYSLER - Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Plymouth

FORD - Ford, Lincoln, Mercury

SETS OF 4 - Tires organized into match sets of four (4). Same brand, size and tread on all four (4) tires

PAIRS - Tires organized into groups of two (2)

SINGLES - Tires organized into groups of one (1)