about us

Founded in 2013, U-PULL-IT is one of Canada’s fastest growing self-serve auto recycling yards. You simply bring your tools, pick the part you want and pull it off. Our U-PULL-IT Yard contains over 1200 vehicles, ranging from foreign to domestic, all organized into four (4) different sections: Imports, GM, Chrysler and Ford. We offer the lowest prices in Ontario on our parts and all our prices are pre-set no matter which vehicle you pull the parts from. To view our complete "Vehicle List" and "Parts Price List", please click on the respective tabs at the top of the page.

Besides our self-serve auto parts, the other main focus of U-PULL-IT is purchasing used and unwanted vehicles from the public. In order to not only maintain but constantly grow and change the vehicles in our U-PULL-IT Yard, we purchase as many scrap vehicles as we possibly can. We pay top dollar for all types of vehicles regardless of their year, make, model or condition. You can either bring the vehicle to us or we can pick it up, which ever works best for you. For more information, please click the "Sell Your Vehicle" tab under "How It Works" at the top of the page.

At U-PULL-IT, our vehicle salvage process recycles almost every part of the car. Through the use of state of the art equipment, all environmentally unfriendly compounds such as gasoline, oil, antifreeze, mercury and lead are recycled and/or disposed of safely and responsibly. Our recycled auto parts offer our customers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to purchasing from traditional auto parts sources. Lastly, the remaining metal content is then crushed and recycled.

U-PULL-IT is a subsidiary of 86 Auto and Metal Recyclers Inc., a scrap metal recycling facility that purchases and processes both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. Being one of the first ever “Hybrid” recycling yards in all of Canada, they allow you to recycle both your scrap metal and your scrap vehicle all in one place.


Since the 1960's, our location just outside of Listowel, Ontario has always been an auto wrecking yard. Opened initially as McCreary's Auto Wreckers, this yard has serviced the local area and community for the last 60 years. Sadly as the years have gone by, the yard has changed names and owners, eventually getting to the point of closure and abandonment.

But in 2012, the yard was given a second chance at life. 86 Auto and Metal Recyclers Inc. purchased the property and underwent extreme renovations in order to restore the yard to its former glory. But the yard itself wasn't the only aspect getting a tune-up. The philosophy behind auto wrecking was also being expanded and updated with new practices and environmentally friendly techniques. This new modern approach has allowed the humble auto wrecking yard to evolve and transform into something bigger and better: an auto recycling facility.

In 2013, 86 Auto and Metal Recyclers Inc. finally opened U-PULL-IT, it's self-serve auto parts yard. With a new state of the art facility and a much larger yard with over 1200 vehicles, this new auto recycling facility is ready to service the local community again for next 60+ years.